Just Another Day. . .

This is the start…

I’m not sure the start of what but it’s a start. . .

I have little post-it notes all over my brain.

It’s May in Kansas, tornados and rain and hail, Oh My! Rain, rain, rain, everyday it seems. It takes a toll on me when I can’t get sunshine.

I have a garden, well, I have a small greenhouse on my back patio and I have two flower beds that have been washed or damaged by the rain. Oh well, such is life!

There are three boys in my living room watching Episode 7, one of them is actually mine and the other two live on either side of our home. They are pretty good kids, mine is the craziest today.

Food: it’s almost lunchtime. I wonder what today’s choice will be.

There’s the rain again. I can’t wait for the creek to overflow, doesn’t really take much.

Did you know, the city where I live charges me for the rain water? Yeah, I saw it on my bill, everything was broken down and there was a tax on rain water… because I should be responsible when the sky leaks.

Yep, that’s my brain, jumping and leaping to everything all at once. . .


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