I am not one that follows The Book . . . 

It’s not the idea of God that I don’t follow, I believe that one dude can’t be handling every single, solitary person’s life, destiny, and problems. I can’t handle my life from time to time. I can keep the rest of the house hold pretty much together but I feel there is more than one person in charge. Think about it. The Greek and Romans had Gods and Goddesses of different purpose and strength. And I also believe in energies and vibes. If something doesn’t feel right, I listen to it. I believe human need to be in nature to recharge. I started a garden, just a little guy. Some tomatoes, peas, beans, corn, lettuce, potatoes, and other fun things. I try my best with what I’ve got. I planeted some flowers in the far corner of my back yard as well as in the front. Due to the Kansas tsunami, most of them have been washed away or damaged. I still water them, my thought process being maybe they will bounce back. If not this year then maybe the next. It’s the best I can do while in suburbia. I’m itching to get back home next month. Sussex County, New Jersey: Nature, farms, mountains, curvy roads, lakes, delis, diners, Oh! My! I love my roots. My blood will always bleed New Jersey, The Garden State. I may be a transplant here in Kansas, but my heart is always deep in Jersey.

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