So let me break it down for you . . . 

When I say Blended Urbs I really mean we are a blended bunch of crazy, lovable, weird, different people in one big extended family. Let’s start at the beginning, I have my 6 year old “Ray” with a man I am not married to, let’s call him Muffin since it’s his nickname anyway. Things didn’t work out between us but now thins are wonderful. He is married to a wonderful and tough woman, let’s call her Sprints since she likes to run and be active. She’s a very wonderful person. Together they have little heartbreaker LoLo, he’s just too cute for words. I am married to a man who has the same name as me, except I spell my name way prettier. Let’s call him Princess for the sake of confusion and for the simple fact that is my nickname for him. He has an ex-wife, Miss Whittle, and together they had little Mad Dog, who is 12 and is one tough little chick. Miss Whittle is remarried to Mr. Butt and together they have little miss Lace Dog. Princess also has a son from a prievious relationship, he’s our 18 year old Precious. Personally, I believe I get along with all parties just swimmingly. There isn’t a thing I wouldn’t do to help either side with whatever may be a burden to them. I will help with their children, I will help with their siblings, I will take care of whatever task they may need. Even if they need a person to just be there to listen. I have never been more serious in my life. I’ve gotten to the point in my life where life and love and happiness is what is important and to show compassion and to just try to be a decent human being. Last night, I bought the man’s meal behind me in line at Taco Bell. Why? Why not? Be the change you want to see in the world. I spent a few bucks on a stranger’s meal just to put a little good in the world. Even if I’m the only one then so be it but at least I made someone’s night. I will always be supportive of all people in my life, as long as no one gets hurt. Do no harm but take no shit

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