Music (Part 1)


I can’t explain what it is, but if emotions and expressions had holes, music can bridge them together. Music helps get motivated, relaxes, soothes, energizes, enlights, it can join people. Music, to me, is my soul. I can’t read music to play an instrument but I can read it signing. 

Music has always been a huge part o my life. I was always surrounded by it. All genres and decades. I was lucky enough to have such a music loving home. Music would be playing all the time; classical, 80s Rock, classic Elton John, country, I could go on but let’s not take all day. 

I have met friends through music, I have experienced songs with different people and each time the song would impact me in a different way, I’ve had music shake my ribs and give me goosebumps, I’ve cried for hours over the words because I never knew how deep some memories still burned, I’ve laughed and cried and danced and loved with all kinds of music. 

There are some songs that I can’t listen to, I refuse to be transported to dark times that I have put behind me, I refuse to feel heartache when I’ve worked so hard to get to the place I feel in my heart, and sometimes I just don’t feel like crying because then I’ll get a headache 

But. . . 

There’s that one time, your guard is down, you’re deep into work, distracted by the daily grind, all alone in your home and “Shuffle” plays a mean trick. Out of all 5,600+ songs in just one collection, That song plays. And then the dam breaks. . . 

It can start with one word, one chord, one note… Catapulted back to that time, tears begin to flow, rushing down cheeks, face begins to puff, head begins to pound. 

You had to play That song? Out of all of my music, out of all of the albums, the playlists, the categories, you had to play that song. 2006 was a terrible year for me. Why do have to play It right when I’m so happy and complete with my life. You come along and rip me back to the dark, dank place I crawled out of . . . 

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