My soapbox . . . 

Everyone has a soapbox, please, you are no exclusion. Do you not share and announce when something bothers or perplexes you? Alrighty, then! Well here’s mine:

  • I believe teachers should be making at least $90,000 a year, at least! Without teachers, what would we have? Teachers are one of the most influential to touch a child’s life. Hell! Even an adult life!
  • I believe everyone should be treated equally, with value, and with love. Everyone should be nice to each other. I don’t care if we stand on different sides or have different hair or skin. I will treat you with respect and love.
  • I believe we are in trouble… trouble with lack of compassion and understanding, fear and hate are surging. Why? Why? How?! When and how did we become so hateful.
  • I believe in love! Oh, hell yes, I believe in love! I believe love has a power to change and shape a person. I believe love can be shared between people without it leading to sex. I believe in the beauty of love.
  • I believe people should be allowed to live their lives how they deem fit as long as they are causing no harm to another person. If you want to have an operation to change who you are, that is your life. I shouldn’t have a say in your happiness. For the record, SHAME is not harm. That is that person’s own issues.
  • I believe being comfortable in your own skin is a journey and a beautiful one. I believe people shouldn’t hide who they are just for the sake of someone else. It’s taken me too many years to accept who I am and not only accept but love. Loving yourself and being yourself should be empowering, not shameful.
  • I believe people using their rights and fighting for them is a beautiful thing. I don’t, honestly, care what side you are on but you’re passionate about your cause. I love it.
  • I would love if my tax dollars helped other people with health care and education so there is no more fear or getting sick or having a baby or having to pick between stay in an unhappy job because expanding your mind cost too much.
  • I believe in happiness! I believe when people are happy, everything is better! Life is better, production is better, more smiles, more kindness, more positive and helpful people.
  • I believe even though I am female I am just as strong as a man! What’s in your pants doesn’t determine who or what you are. Your passion, character, and integrity do.
  • I believe everyone belongs in he kitchen! Food is there, food is love.
  • I believe renewable energy is the new wave of awesomeness! I’m dreaming of the day I can build my home with solar shingles and mini turbines.
  • I believe in helping people! I don’t are if they can never repay you, if you never see that person again, whatever excuse you may have, you have two hands, help someone.
  • I believe in authenticity! I stand by authenticity! Be you. Be real. Be honest. Be true. But don’t be heartless. Revenge isn’t what it’s all cracked up to be. Unless you are a ninja then keep going on with your bad self.
  • I believe food can bring people together! I believe food can cure almost anything. Unless you eat ice cream and you’re lactose intolerant then you might be in some discomfort.
  • I believe dance has a magical power. Music that makes you want yo get up and move can change your whole day. So dance like no one is watching, be that next viral video, swing your partner around the kitchen, line dance until you drop! Feel the joy!
  • I believe in the power of free will! Some people have to learn in their own, so let them. Don’t limit someone else’s drink size because you think it’s unhealthy. Thank you for the warnings and concern but micromanaging others isn’t a way to live. Yes, many things need to be regulated, but please don’t criticize what others do. Live and let live.
  • I wholeheartedly stand behind no sales tax on food. I always forget when I return to my roots in New Jersey of the amazing feeling of no sales tax on food. It really is the little joys in life. Where I am currently I have to pay between 8.87-9.89% on everything. Everything! If I could wrap up all the taxes I have to pay, I would pay it once but I would like an itemized list of what it actually goes for so I may claim it on my taxes every year. That and for results. If I have to pay an arm and a leg for things I would like to see positive results.
  • I believe in all four seasons! You need all four seasons so you as well can transition and grow and expand. I love winter and fall because I can bundle up and be cozy or sit by a fire. Spring and summer are a little different because where I live it’s Satan’s sauna in the summer time. I’m not too brave in the warm months.
  • I believe in asking questions! All of them! Questions are how we learn and grow! Hard ones, easy ones, personal, random, political, standard, off the wall, just ask! Why should we be so afraid of what may be out there, why should we fear probing of our own brains? If we made more human connections in the world, imagine the level of love, respect, and compassion we can achieve.
  • I believe that if a person is comfortable enough in their skin to be who they feel they truly are, WE HAVE NO RIGHT TO TELL THEM OTHERWISE!!!
  • I believe if you want to live your life as the opposite sex, GO FOR IT!! Live your life!! It is none of my business to tell you “no!”
  • I believe when people are happy, good things happen. I want all people to be happy, even my enemies. Yes, even the people who are against me, who judge me, who judge others. I want everyone to be happy.
  • I believe if you want to marry more than one person, and everyone involved is a willing participant, and if you are ready to deal with all that married life has to throw at you, go for it! More power to you! When I got married, guess what I got… a new last name, new SS card, a prenup, and that’s it. No special bonus from the government, no extra money, nothing. I just don’t see the harm.
  • I fully believe in LIVE AND LET LIVE!! Unless someone is causing you physical harm to you or your own, why is what they do bothering you? Because that’s not how you live your life? Congratulations!! There’s more than one way to skin a cat! There’s more than one way to live a life!
  • I believe schools should worry more about how students are going to change the world and less about tests scores. Yes, spelling, reading, math, history, are important things that everyone should have a basic knowledge and understanding. I’m talking about finding the one or two, or more for some people, special thing that one individual has the natural talent for and build on it.
  • I believe nap time should be mandatory for everyone! Seriously, imagine being able to power nap at work, recharge, then kick ass the rest of your day.
  • I believe in a lot of things, but that’s all for now from this soap box, I’m sure I’ll find more things to support

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