The feeling…

To be free

To jump in the car, drive, drive, drive

To see mountains for miles

Sands of the desert blend into the horizon

To see the oceans stretch for leagues and leagues

Star gazing in Yosemite, people watching along the way

Tiny home on wheels, writing, playing pool, seeing the beautiful country

To see the colors, the colors the world has to offer

The people, walks of all life, living under the sun

The places, loud places, quiet places, sacred places, public spaces

Atmosphere and energy will lead us

The laughs and music are expected

Memories made and trials defeated

To dream and chase them

Right now I wait

I will build on the foundation of my dreams and wait until the time is right to chase

Right now I’m busy

I’m busy raising kids and growing the future

Planning and thinking and trying things

Mostly just trying things

Will my dreams come true?

Who knows

But if I work now, down the road the results will be bigger

My time is now, to start building

Start shaping what I want

The think of what I really want

To follow my heart and find my joy

The warm fuzzy feeling of happiness

I’m going to chase the joy

I’m going to grab the happy

I’m going to spread the glitter and shine!

And you can too

You, too, can find the joy

Find your joy

Your personal fuzzy feeling

Develop it

Mold it

Shape it

Share it

Live it

Don’t just dream it

Be it

Grow it

Let yourself sparkle

Enjoy the impact

Don’t forget to be responsible

Do no harm

Don’t forget your strength

Let love in and put love out






Follow them

Live them

Be them


Find your horizon

Your sunset

Your treehouse

Your fuzzy

Your person

Your friend


Adventure is waiting

Be authentic with your answer

Be true to yourself

Say yes

Just one time

Say yes

Yes to you

Yes to adventure

Yes to the warm fuzzy feeling

Feel the freedom through your hair

The air through your fingers

Breathe in deep different air

Explore the caverns of your heart

Open the dusty boxes in your mind

Remember the joy in your life

Embrace the joy

Eat the cake

Take the trip

Buy the dress

Reread the book

Ride the rollercoaster

Kiss your love

Find the happy




Every day is a fresh start, take the step

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