Does it

Just sitting, lost in thought, the next round of clothes going for a spin, and I just can’t help but wonder, does it really matter? Hear me out, just one second, hear me out.

It’s much bigger than us, correct, at least that is the bottom line.

Everything we do daily impacts others around us, correct? If one person is in a shitty mood, in more cases than not, the negativity is usually hard to contain, and misery loves company, but in rare cases, the attitude can be flipped around. Not everyone can be “saved” by the positivity, just an olive branch of hope.

I guess, that may be the real question; how much can hope change? How powerful is hope? Is hope the reason for warm, fuzzy feelings? Is hope the raging river inside one’s soul? Is it the compassion shown to one another? Is hope the strongest of all?

Sometimes its crazy to wrap one’s mind around some topics. Usually, it’s harder to shift out truth from fiction. What’s real? How does one compare the evidence? How can we trust ourselves?

Does it always have to come down to them or us? This side versus that side. Look over here, we offer lies and safety. Oh, but over here we offer truth and uncertainty. I scratch your back, you scratch mine. My word, a handshake, my honor, that’s all you needed. No longer is it enough to trust a person, their word is no longer their bond. When did we turn? Being neighborly, friendly, without asking for much in return, just help is ever it be needed.

Why did women become so hurtful and destructive towards each other? Why must it be so difficult to support each other, build one another up, help each other achieve? If we are better, together we are better. If we stand together, together we will be stronger.

When did having an opinion become a trial by jury, having to present evidence to rest our case when it merely was a matter of statement. Questions are no different, some shut people down, close them off, or upset people. Others may be uncomfortable. Yes, I do agree there is a time and place for many things to be discussed, but I do feel more conversations just need to happen. Yes, people are weird, conversations can turn slightly strange but when we are alone with our thoughts, all we have left is the strange and unusual.

Fear of being strange or out of place can really change a person…

Sometimes, when one is different, a label may be placed on them

Black Sheep

When others shine too brightly, and blind those around them, some who forgot their shades may try to dampen the glow, while others shine right along with them. Does it always have to be a bad thing, bad to shine, bad to sparkle, bad to stand out?

Does one small act of kindness really change the course of the day? The answer is “yes” in case one would like to know. No matter how big or how small, one small change can alter the course of the day. For anyone.

Does it end with you?

Does it start?

Will you start the ripple of kindness, the wave of glitter, the light of hope?






















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