Its a new season, a new day, a new chapter.

Today marks the official start of summer for my children. One going off to second grade and the other to 8th. The eldest, hopefully, getting all his paperwork sorted out, will be able to attend classes in the fall as well.

New personal goals for everyone in the family feels like a wonderful new start.

I’ve been finally bitten with the bug again, writer’s bug, thank you sweet Baby Buddha! The past few months I’ve been plagued with writer’s block and trust me, it was agony. Brilliant short stories in the shower, amazing character details while grocery shopping, and when I go to put word to text or paper, a 3 year old took finger paint to my brain and I can’t understand what words are what I was doing. Dory Syndrome is strong sometimes. Writing ideas down directly wasn’t any better, my paper pad look like chicken scratch and my ideas were terrible.


There’s new energy in my head and in my fingers. My husband bought me notebooks upon notebooks and a plethora of writing instruments that make me giddy. He just knows. And my kids, my kids have been out of this world supportive of my writing. Maybe I just needed a little kick.

Maybe this summer just feels different. But I’m going to make it a good one. For everyone. I know we all try in our day to day to be good people. And with all the crazy, insane, heartless acts that have been accruing around the globe, we need to start being the positive change we want to see in the world.

Spread love, spread joy, leave people better than when you found them. Smile more, You won’t regret it. Be good, do good. And be ready, I have lots of words to share with the world…









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