The addiction of dreams…

Oh, to follow one’s dream, to plan and execute

To dangle from a knot by your finger tips just to see a glance

Yes, chase the dream! Be the dream! Do it!

The passion behind your dreams are what give it life

It’s your baby, your heartbeat, your life

When they tell you ‘no’ the dream has been thrown from the bridge

You want to light yourself on fire to prove your dream is worthy

Sacrifices made to follow your heart, to live for your dream

Standing outside the fire but wanting more, needing more

Walking into the flames to feel the power only to become one with it

You scribble and doodle, notes here and there, partial ideas thrown about

Dare to organize and the mind races around like a heard of cats chasing a laser pointer

Please! Just read me! Tell me what I can do better!

Fighting the urge to burn every notebook, scrap paper, day dream, and hopes

It all starts from somewhere, it all has a beginning

If one did not then one would not be able to measure how far one has come, or gone

Crap to flowers, most gardens start from crap and turn into beautiful gardens

Dory swimming around in the mind, just keep writing

Motivational pictures, yes, Tom Hiddleston picture on my background, I should be writing

Sorry, we aren’t looking for this

Sorry, your writing is too immature that

No one will relate to it

This isn’t what we are looking for

Rejected, rejected, rejected, rejected, rejected, rejected

That’s fine, keep it coming, I’m the youngest, I know what I’m doing

I’m relentless, annoying, and that mule can’t touch my stubbornness

I know my roots and I know my wings, and you can’t stop me

Ok, fine, you may not be able to stop me or slow me down but I can be the pebble in your shoe, small but pestering

Eventually, you break down and shake me out but it still makes you stop to find the culprit

I can take the rejection letters, over 100 but no longer counting, but it’s just helping me with self control

To bounce back and forth, coming and going

To burn or rip, to start over or keep moving forward

Just do it, just follow, just push your dream through

To be a writer, I must love

Self publish! HA! Insane, what works for some but not for all

I need that person, I need someone who knows what they are doing, who knows how to edit, who knows the ins and outs of publishing



Does one really want to look stupid?

Ok, fair enough, some people do make a living with being stupid

Not it, not one of those




Just to be






Fine! But I’m not going anywhere!












Ok, just stare into the flame and think about burning crap

Ok, this piece can be burned, don’t look at it

But it’s the dream

It’s my dream

I will go through keyboards

I will go through pencils

I will burn through paper

I will tear up notebooks

I will run out of ink

I will break a point

I will throw a pen

I will spin in my chair

I will scream into the dark

I will keep pushing on

I’m a writer

My veins are not blood, just ink and words

My bones are made by my favorite authors

My beloved quotes are my hair

My fingers drip love and passion

The pages catch and collect my dreams

They swirl together to keep me whole

Create, share, edit, rework

Dream, collect, share, expand

Live, observe, recharge, be at peace

I should be writing

I should be editing

I should be working more than I am

But I’m still dreaming

Still getting rejected but still dreaming

Fall down, stand up, fall down, stand up, fall down, stand up

Keep standing, keep standing, keep standing, keep standing

I’m not going anywhere

I’m not leaving

I’m not sinking

I may take on water but I’m not sinking

A GPS might be needed when navigating but I’m going to make it

Can’t stop

Won’t stop

But I might slow down, but still moving

Always moving

Must keep feeding the addict

Must keep writing


















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